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We have begun prep for creating a large number of sheets of Plastic Bag Fabric. In the next week expect to see images of the first coin purse and the first finished Tote bags.

We are working on a storefront for the site but because of the preparations for Maker Faire Detroit we do not anticipate the storefront being live till a few days after the event.

On the pins page I have uploaded an image that shows all of the circular recycled spray painted pins. They predate the USA shaped pins but there are fewer of them. They will be available for sale at Maker Faire Detroit for $10 each.

The large purse will most likely be the last item added to the site. I am considering using a magnetic clasp with a flip over flap, so there is no need for a zipper. Zippers are difficult to deal with sewing wise and with the plastic bag fabric even more so. However I still intend to have zippers on the chain purses however difficult that may be.

Please keep checking back for updates, and feel free to comment on this post or contact us through the contact page.

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