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Good News and Bag News

Plastic Bag Fabric

After beginning construction on coin purses and totes, we realized that making purses for Maker Faire Detroit is pushing it time wise. Don’t fear though, we still plan on making a purse design but it will not be available till after Maker Faire Detroit, mid to late August at the earliest.

This site will continue past Maker Faire Detroit, but that will be your first opportunity to buy any of our products. After that, this site will become more of a storefront once we see what sells well and what we take more orders for.

Coin Purse Prototype
Here is the first prototype for the change purse. It turned out a bit to big. Iteration V2 will be posted soon.
Iteration V2 of the Coin Purse which is basically the finalized pattern. It contains a side pocket for cards.

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