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Maker Faire Detroit Here We Come!


The last few months we have been busy preparing for Maker Faire Detroit at The Henry Ford. We will be in the Yellow Tent in the outdoor midway, please come visit us and all the other makers! Tickets are available here.

We are putting the last few touches on items and are looking forward seeing all that Maker Faire has to offer this year. Unfortunately, we will not be selling any plastic bag fabric tote bags, the design process for them is till in the early stages and we would like to sell a product with all the kinks worked out, not a prototype. Don’t fret though we have plenty of other items to choose from made from repurposed items and fused plastic bags.

As a special note to those reading this we have a limited number of bookmarks due to an issue with their manufacturing process, as such we will not be displaying them, but if you ask about them there is a limit of one PBF bookmark per guest available for $5 on first come first serve basis. If you are interested in the bookmarks make sure you make it to Maker Faire Detroit early Saturday morning.

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